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Travel Baseball Teams in the DC Area

MLB Players from the District of Columbia

The District of Columbia has played an important role in United States baseball history. It's not over yet! There are eight active players, according to Baseball Almanac. The list includes Denard Span, L.J. Hoes, Emmanuel Burriss, Jay Sborz, and Ryan Hanigan.

Some even play for the hometown team.

Denard Span

Denard Span was born in D.C. in 1984. He was playing T-ball at four. His family didn't have a lot of money for sports instruction; he did have an older brother to emulate. When he got old enough, he played baseball at Tampa Catholic High School.

Span recalls getting an invitation to try out for an elite team as a teen: one with some well-known names. He went -- and he realized that he had talent on a par with the teens who were expected to be high draft picks. He told the Washington Post that he had expected those teens to be seven feet tall (

Span was a 1st round draft pick in 2002 when he was just 18. He chose pro baseball over college football. He played for Elizabethton, Quad Cities, New Britain, and Rochester while in the Twins farm system. It was still a long road. His major league debut didn't come until 2008. He has suggested that it was getting his vision corrected that helped him finally become a successful major leaguer.

Span is with the Washington Nationals.

L.J. Hoes

L.J. Hoes was born in 1990 in DC. He played in Little League. He also watched baseball as a kid – year after year, he had season tickets to see the Baltimore Orioles.

Hoes went to St. John's College High School; most of his baseball time was spent playing outfield.

Hoes’ summer team was the Dirtbags ( He did a little showcase play as a teen.

Hoes was selected in the 3rd round of the 2008 draft. He was 18. He moved up from the GCL Orioles to AAA Norfolk; there were other stops along the way. Playing for the Bowie Baysox was special because his youth had been spent in Bowie, Maryland.

Hoes’ major league debut came in September of 2012. He has played a few major league games, but 2014 is his first time on an opening day roster. He expressed mixed feelings about leaving the home team -- the Orioles -- but says he will be glad to get consistent playing time in the majors (

He wears the number that belonged to an uncle he never got to meet. He feels gratitude for the grandfather who supported him.

Learning from the Pros

Today's youth are also out there on the playing field. For some youth, team sports provide an opportunity to develop self-confidence, master skills, and learn to function as part of a team.

For others, it's also about dreams. L.J. Hoes told Chasing MLB Dreams, “All of my coaches have helped me develop because they have so much wisdom and advice to give about the game (”.

Span, on the other hand, has said that after he opted to go pro, he sometimes received so much instruction that it felt like a barrage. He turned to yoga to help him prepare mentally for his career.

While their stories may be different, both got plenty of opportunity to play when they were growing up. Both had people who supported them.

As L.J. Hoes said on making his first opening day roster, "Tuesday I'm going to cry. This is something I've worked for every day of my life since I was eight or nine years old ("

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